Fundamentals of Aquaponics
An Aquaponics Handbook
Easy To Read and apply!
The Fundamental of Aquaponics is a handbook written specifically for aquaponics hobbyist and farmers looking for an easy to understand handbook that will help you better manage your system.

The material addresses the most common questions in aquaponics and outlines practical solutions that can be applied on any scale. 
What is in the Handbook?
Download a Sample of the Handbook
The handbook is a consolidated source of the basic fundamental pillars of aquaponics: science, water quality, fish, plants and the environmental conditions. The material is put together specifically with the intention to give you the information you need for the "How-To's" of your aquaponics project including a Design Case Study for a small scale aquaponics system that takes you step-by-step through the process of designing your very own aquaponics farm.

The guide book includes close to 100 pages of real world aquaponics material that is divided into 6 chapter:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Aquaponics
  •  Chapter 2: Science of Aquaponics
  •  Chapter 3: Fish (Species and determining optimal fish quantity)
  •  Chapter 4: Water Quality (Controls, prevention and management)
  •  Chapter 5: Plants (Pest Control and Disease Management)
  •  Chapter 6: Sizing/Design (System design and Small Commercial Design Case Study)
Backyard Design
Case Study showing you step-by-step how to design a backyard aquaponics system.
Small Commercial
Case Study walking you through the complete process of designing a small commercial farm.
For Only $29
What Makes This Handbook Different?
It is written by actual aquaponics farmers with in depth real world experience of aquaponics farming. The author also has a background in environmental engineering and sciences which allowed him to create solutions based content that have been tested and proven in real world application.    

This guide is best suited to you if you are thinking of building a small commercial farm or a backyard system. The material in the guide is written to give you all the necessary knowledge to understand, design and operate the system. This guide does not however give you instructions on construction material or methods.
You Should Buy This Handbook, If You:
  • ​Have no prior knowledge of aquaponics and are looking to learn more.
  •  Have basic knowledge of aquaponics and are looking for a resource that could accelerate your learning.
  •  Are looking for a step-by-step resources to design a small scale aquaponics farm or a backyard system. 
  •  Have an aquaponics farm or backyard system and want to learn best practices and solutions to your existing issues.
What People Are Saying
"Ahmed, thank you for listening before preaching, asking before telling and importantly being flexible enough to tailor the plan to our needs. Your knowledge of business comes from experience and not just a book." 
- Tony and Wendy, Owners, Island Vapours
Thank you for the valuable information Ahmed ! It is hard to find so much information in one spot.
- Gurjeet Bhattal, Burnaby BC
As someone who likes keeping pet fish as a hobby, I became interested in the idea of aquaponics when I first heard about the idea from Ahmed. I attended one of his introductory workshops (also got to see his whole set up) and found that that aquaponics would be perfect for those with a nice backyard. Imagine having a garden pond with fish that fertilizes your own organic homegrown veggies! Super!
- Philip Pow, Vancouver, BC
About The Author

Ahmed Aibak

Ahmed, has designed multiple aquaponics farms. He has built his own 5000 sqft facility and operated the farm successfully for over 3 years before transitioning to design build consulting. Ahmed is well versed with all aspects of aquaponics operations including the feasibility, financial planning, set-up, build and operation of an aquaponics enterprise.

Recent Projects:
- Urbanspace Aquaponics, Vancouver BC 5000 sqft facility, design, build, operations and sold the facility
- Geenbiotix Enterprise, Panama City, Panama, 1.5 acres completed feasibility study
- Commox Valley BC, designed 2500 sqft facility
- Island Vapours, Toronto, ON, completed feasibility study
- Common Ground Farms, Burnaby, BC designed 6000 sqft facilty with Trout, build commencing January 2018

M.Eng Environmental Engineering.

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